Jazz Easy

Jazz Easy

Jazz Easy gives you the convenience to stay connected with your loved ones across Pakistan throughout the day and that too at customized rates!
Offer Details
On-net:Rs. 3.17 /60 Sec
Off-net:Rs. 3.17/ 60 Sec
SMS:  2.45/SMS
Internet:  Rs. 5/MB
Subscription FeeRs. 17.93 (Incl. tax)
To Subscribe Dial*305#
To convert your package using USSD String, dial the following:

Switch Your Package Tariffs

PackagesUSSD String
Jazz Easy*305#
Example: To change package to Jazz Easy, you would need to dial *305#. Confirmation of package conversion will be received in response to the USSD string.

To convert your package through IVR:

  1. Call 123 from your Jazz connection
  2. Press 3 for package settings.
  3. Press “the number”  for package selection
Example: To change package to Jazz Budget from Jazz Easy, you would need to dial 1 after hearing the options on IVR.
  1. Press 1 to confirm your selection.
  2. Your package will change and applicable fee will be deducted from your account.
You can convert back to your previous package through a similar process:
  1. The first conversion through IVR & USSD would be FREE
  2. Subsequent conversions through IVR and USSD would be charged at Rs. 17.93
  3. Same charges will be applied for conversion through call center or customer representative

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